Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to the Wanderings of Warrick Wombat

G’day everyone I’m Warrick Wombat. I hail from the Wollondilly River south-west of Sydney but after feeling the call to venture out beyond the boundaries many other wombats restrict themselves to, I have decided to wander further afield. I thought I would write a blog which is mainly for my own sake to help me catalogue my movements and to also help me remember my experience later on in life. I hope you enjoy reading a few of my stories as my first big overseas trip unfolds following the Japanese football team in the lead-up to the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa.
If you find these blogs laborious to read through feel free to not read them!! Ha ha. If you are interested in my movements but not really “that” interested you can also follow my movements via facebook. It’s a quick small instalment platform. Just find me and ask to be my friend and I’m sure I’ll add you!
As most of you know I will be doing all of my travels (at this stage) with Mark Kolbe who is a good mate of mine. Even though he is a good mate it’s not about him so he will be like Bear Grills support team in Man v Wild. You will always know he’s there and at times I will mention him, but he a facilitator and is happy with that role behind the scenes and I will be the face! Hopefully that doesn’t come across as arrogant? It’s just the way we think it will work best and are both happy with the agreed set-up.
Finally I just wanted to say a big thanks to someone other than Mark. I’d like to thank Evan Gardner from who with input from Mark made me into the wombat I am today. Without him I’d be still be an imagination and a few ugly lumps of clay in the Kolbe’s house!!
Well it’s farewell for now with the first stop Tokyo!!
Take care

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